Exam success is the name of the game

Students sometimes say the nicest things.

Here is a small selection of feedback.


March 2013 ‘Hi got the results, So pleased I got A in both physics 4 and the resit! Thank you for helping me so much! My as grade is now A for physics’

August 2012 , from a student who got his B grade – ‘This would never happened if you hadn’t been there. Thank you so much.’

‘Just to let you know I got a B in my maths and me and my mum are delighted. Thank you very much for your help.’ – 27/08/11

‘You’ll be very pleased to know that Brad achieved an A in maths.

Thank you so much for the work you put in with him.

We are over the moon.’ 22/08/11

‘Good news I got an A in Maths – A in both C3 and C4. I am very pleased. Thanks for all your help I could not have done it without you.’  21/08/11

‘Without your tutoring Camille would not have got the B in Maths and you have enabled Camille go where she wanted. ‘ 20/8/11

‘Hi Steven, I thought you would like to know Molly achieved her grade B in Maths. She is now at 6th form…’ 13/09/11

”I couldn’t wait until Friday to share with you the brilliant news that Jake scored a C grade on his Module 1 Maths GCSE paper that he took in June. He scored 73 out of 80 which he is absolutely thrilled about.’ Sept. 2010

‘ ‘This tutor is very professional in his approach. He has engaged with our daughter and sparked a real interest in maths again – after a small number of lessons there is already a tangible increase in her confidence and understanding. Have no hesitation in recommending this tutor.” Aug 2010


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