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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Petra and Stephan share out £240 so that Petra gets one third of what Stephan gets.

How much do they each get


Three whole numbers have a total of 100

Two of the numbers have a difference of 7

Two of the numbers are the same.

Find the numbers.

Three numbers have a mean of 23
Two of the numbers have a mean of 12

Two of the numbers have a mean of 30

What are the three numbers?

A bag contains only red counters and blue counters.

There are 90 red counters in the bag.

The probability of choosing a red counter from the bag is 0.3

How many blue counters are in the bag?

A hotel charges £50 for a room for a single person per night and then £10 extra for
each additional person per night.
A large family takes two rooms for a night and is charged £150 in total for the two

How many people are there in the family?

The Christmas Tree store has a parking lot that will hold 1000 vehicles.


80%  of the parking spaces is reserved for cars.

The rest are reserved for trucks, buses etc.

When you went to buy your tree, there were 730 cars and some trucks in the parking lot.

How many more cars can park there?

At a theme park, it costs for entrance :-
7  pounds  for an adult and 4 pounds  for a child.

The car park costs 3  pounds  for a car.

The car park costs 5  pounds  for a minibus.

The car park costs 8  pounds  for a coach.

A group of 3 adults and some children went in a minibus.

It cost them   58 pounds to park and go inside.

How many children were there?